"Looks Like US"
A series of live art, pop-up performances in David Crombie Park
January & February 2021

It is a new year and we are excited to present a series of live-art, pop-up, mobile multidisciplinary performances, offering a wide range of free artistic experiences in January and February to all Esplanadians!


We want you to come outside, into the wonderful cold and engage in these multidisciplinary performances (dance, theatre, music, storytelling and puppetry) that are sure to bring joy to everyone attending or simply passing by.


During the performances, we encourage everyone to wear their masks, keep their physical distance and follow current health guidelines.


Collaborating with dance/theatre company CORPUS and renowned performers/choreographers Susie Burpee and Michael Caldwell, Jamii promises a delight of whimsical experiences to bring joy to audiences of all ages.


This series of performances is in partnership with Canadian Stage, a celebrated Canadian arts organization and venue that calls our neighbourhood home.


Each artistic proposition is centered around Jamii’s Kisanii Hub, a cargo bike customized into a mobile outdoor performance stage – hoping to transform our neighbourhood into an enchanted outdoor theatrical experience that will bring neighbours together, inspire creativity, uplift spirits and reenergize bodies.



Jan 28, 29 & 30 – time TBC

Meet at Berkeley and Esplanade

We invite you to join us at one of six, 20-min evening performances.

“Witness the magical journey of a solitary figure, through constructed landscape of lights, mirrors and shadows, and into our own imaginations."

Directed by: Michael Caldwell, with artistic advisor Isorine Marc.

Performers: Michael Caldwell, Irma Villafuerte, Jane-Alison McKinney.


HOW DO WE MIX? (working title)

February 4, 5 & 6 - time TBC

Meet at Berkeley and Esplanade

Jamii is excited to be partnering with the creative bunch at CORPUS to co-produce a site-specific light & musical performance in and around the David Crombie Park children’s playground.

These performances will take place in the early evening to take advantage of the darker sky and will transform the playground into a luminous, vibrant and whimsical stage, bringing joy to all audiences through musical delight.

Co-directed by Anika Johnson and Isorine Marc, and artistic advisor David Danzon.

Performers: Jeremiah Sparks, Arlene Paculan, Bana Stegu, Leen Hamo, and Trudy Lee Gayle.

Allegra! (solo performances)

Week of February 25th - day and time TBC

David Crombie Park

Susie Burpee brings her colourful character 'Allegra Charleston' to the Esplanade for a series of pop-up performances, which will surprise students of Market Lane Public School. These 30-min performances will take place in the mornings, engaging young audiences on their way to school with (physically distanced) live interactions. The intent of these performances is to touch the hearts of young people who haven’t had the opportunity yet to see live performances in their schools this year, and bring some laughter and magic to their day to brighten up their mood.

Susie Burpee is an award-winning multi-faceted dance artist with over 25 years of experience in the performing arts in Canada. As Susie's alter ego, Allegra Charleston outshines her most of the time with her love of art and public space, and her incomparable joie de vivre!


One of the keys to well-being and mental health is social connections.  In such challenging times, when we have been socially isolated for months, having the opportunity to reconnect (at a safe physical distance) with others, especially neighbours, is extremely important. There are undeniable positive health effects in being part of something bigger than self, as we share a communal experience, and create memories together – especially in person. By offering these artistic experiences to you, we hope to contribute to enhanced well-being for all.

Rama Toronto East.jpg

"Allegra Charleston " (Susie Burpee) - Photo John Lauener