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ROOTS - MAY 2024

Jamii-Saturday Mingling-Photo by Jae Yang_46.jpg
7 pm
Monthly Community Gathering: A night filled with music, dance, and other art forms!


May 2024

May 25, 2024

Lead Artist: Takako Segawa

Come together at Jamii for our 'Saturday Mingling'  on May 25th at 7pm with live music, dancing, food and arts. Takako Segawa, our lead artist and curator for "MAY at Jamii" will host the event! With a feel of a community party, we'll share food together, enjoy Takako's dancing, surprise performance by fellow community members and live music by Germaine (vocals), Martin (keys) and Rebekah (guitar). The music will be a fusion of three different musical worlds, with the band members each bringing their own flair to create soul/ R&B/ folk covers of songs we know and love, and with some of Germaine’s original music. We promise an evening filled with shared creativity and camaraderie!

Photos by Jae Yang

Takako Segawa

Takako is contemporary dancer, choreographer and performer. Born in Kochi, Japan, she trained in both traditional arts and contemporary Japanese movement styles. Takako graduated from Nippon Sports Science University, and is a certified professional dancer from the London Contemporary Dance School. Takako’s 20-years career includes performances throughout Europe, North America and Asia. Takako also choreographed WA! in 2019 for the Yosakoi team premiered in Kochi Yosakoi dance festival. Since 2020, she join Emiko Tanaka’s team and established Yosakoi team Ottawa brunch.

Photo by Laura Dittman

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