LOOKS LIKE US - photo exhibit

Expressing our gratifude to the people who had a positive impact on Jamii and supported our mission to bring people closer together through artistic experiences.

"Looks Like Us" is an exhibit close to our heart as it was created during challenging times and was an opportunity to bring us closer together.

Now that the exhibit is not displayed anymore, instead of discarding the prints, we would like to donate them to people who have made a difference to Jamii and helped us shape it the way it is today. 


You have been an amazing stakeholder to Jamii through the years or most recently, and we are grateful. As a way to show our appreciation, we would like to gift you one of the prints that were displayed in the park. 


This is a personal link. Choose the picture you'd like to be gifted (they each have a number) and let us know. This is on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that photos are not "new": they were displayed in the park for a few months and have 4 small holes in each corner for hanging purposes. Photo size is approx. 48"x32" or 32"x48".

03. Oksana Parafeniuk - oksana_parafeniu


Photo by Oksana Parafeniuk, an independent photographer based in Kyiv, Ukraine.  In addition to her personal projects, Oksana has worked with such international media and organizations as The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSF, UNHCR, Save the Children and others. Oksana co-leads the Women Photograph Kyiv Chapter in Ukraine.

"Olha Habro, 76, puts on a scarf in the living room on October 22, 2020 in Borshchiv, Ukraine. Olha Habro was born and grew up in the village of Borshchiv and cooks very tasty borshch with beans. Borshch is a traditional Ukrainian dish made of meat broth based soup with a lot of different vegetables, predominantly beets and cabbage. Beets give it deep red color."


01. Delovie05.JPG

Photo by DeLovie Kwagala, a non binary self taught photographer and activist currently based in South Africa. Their work explores social injustices, identity and gender based sexuality with the intention of shifting the narrative and defying stereotypes.

"Raldy, poses for a portrait in her backyard in Buziga, Uganda.


I’m a queer person. And i have first hand experienced and witnessed the injustices and oppression that we fave on a daily.

This is an image from my series the Quingdom ~ In Transition that chooses to highlight the authenticity and celebrate the bravery of those of is who still strive everyday to be ourselves regardless of the consequences rather than ficus on the violence and hate that comes embedded with who are when it comes to our country."


Photo by Danielle Villasana, an independent photojournalist based in Istanbul.

"As a photojournalist who spends more time on the road than at home, I've never purchased this much food at a time in my life. Once a week I leave my apartment in Istanbul to buy groceries with my husband, which involves trips to two stores, and we split up to share the load. Walking home—thankfully, downhill—I take breaks and notice how the weight leaves red marks on my wrists and shoulders. While this weekly chore was foreign to me a few weeks ago, it has become a welcome ritual as it's my only venture into the outside world."


01. Asmaa Gamal - Asmaagamal4.JPG

Photo by Asmaa Gamal, an independent photographer and director based in Cairo, Egypt. Her first book, "The Seven Seeds" documents Egypt’s celebration of newborn babies and the second is called "Unforgettable Land." She holds a master's degree in radio and television and was recently selected for the "Info Nile" documentary photojournalism grant.

"These days we face the Corona pandemic. Time passes slowly in it, but the moments of light travel quickly, which are received by my windows overlooking the small corners of the house. My day has become a long journey I am spending with my child. From one window to another, in search of light somewhere."



01. Delovie06.JPG

Photo by DeLovie Kwagala, a non binary self taught photographer and activist currently based in South Africa. Their work explores social injustices, identity and gender based sexuality with the intention of shifting the narrative and defying stereotypes.

"Olivia, a member of no white saviors, leads a protest in kampala, Uganda.


After George Floyd was killed by police in America, many people across the world protested and marched along demanding for justice.

The No White Saviors, a renowned organization in Uganda to call out white saviorism and supremacy arranged a peaceful protest which ended up in a police raid and all of us were taken in on the grounds of protesting even though we had permission to be there; we were later released with no case."


04. Andrea Hernandez - AndreaHernandezBr

PHOTO #12:
Photo by Andrea Hernández Briceño, a Venezuelan photographer and National Geographic Explorer based in Caracas. She covers everything that touches the social sphere.

"Alfred Flores, 5, holds a bunch of quenettes in Patanemo, Venezuela, on July 17, 2020.  “He’s a demon”, everyone says. This just means that he’s a restless kid, not that he’s possessed by the devil or something."


03. Irina Unruh - Irina_Unruh_Exhibition

PHOTO #16:
Photo by Irina Unruh, a documentary photographer based in Germany, originally from Kyrgyzstan. Her work focuses on gender issues, mainly in her native country Kyrgyzstan. Since the pandemic, she started a project on gender violence in Germany supported by the National Geographic Society COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Her work has received numerous recognitions and was exhibited internationally.

"A quote from the portrayed woman: "I flew to another continent far away. I needed the distance from you and from everything that happened. My soul and my body recovered during this year. I started again to eat. One year later, I flew home as a different person, not broken! " From the series, The Memory Stays - Domestic violence in Germany."


02. Ranita Roy - Ranita Roy (2).JPG

PHOTO #19: 
Photo by Ranita Roy, a freelance photographer based in India.

"I feel suffocated sometimes being at the home during pandemic lockdown."


04. Erica canepa - EricaCanepa_Argentina

PHOTO #23:
Photo by Erica Canepa, a documentary photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"These days are forcing me to look into myself using new eyes. I stare at my fragility and I slightly shake. Learning how to embrace this vulnerability it’s hard, but I’m on this way."


05. ALYSON ALIANO - Alyson_Aliano_Mia_02

PHOTO #27:
Photo by Alyson Aliano, a photographer based on the West Coast. She creates still photography focused on the female and youth experience. Through portraits and interviews she finds meaning in telling stories. She has taught photography at NYU Steinhardt School, Columbia University, for The Ministry of Education in El Salvador, The School of Visual Arts, and UCLA Extension and most recently adjunct at The New York Film Academy.

"This is a portrait series that examines the mental health and future prospects of teens who have been in isolation in Los Angeles since March 17, 2020. Mia lives in East Los Angeles with her family. She is first generation American and wants to go to school for Journalism."



02. Iman Al-Dabbagh_2ndGradeCovid02.JPG

Photo by Iman Al-Dabbagh, a photographer from and based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, whose work focuses on identity, taboos in conservative societies, and the unnoticed stories in-between.

"My daughter dancing in her room during the 24 hr lockdown. She has not left the house since March 17 and has not been in school since March 8. "


02. Ranita Roy - Ranita Roy (4).JPG

PHOTO #12: 
Photo by Ranita Roy, a freelance photographer based in India.

"While stuck at home, I felt depressed during the pandemic lockdown. This image is a representation of mental health during pandemic."


02. serra akcan - SerraAkcan_TorontoOpen

PHOTO #17:
Photo by Serra Akcan, a freelance photographer in Istanbul since 1999, who produce photography, multimedia and video projects focusing on gender equality, religious and ethnic minorities, migration, environmental issues. Besides her visual work, she coordinates photography workshops with women, children and youth mainly to share experience, knowledge and keep up with the young generation.

"Women gather in many cities of Turkey to protest the debate on leaving the Istanbul Convention, which was prepared to protect women and lgbti+ people from male violence that has been signed by Turkey in 2011. Police blocked the crowd in Izmir and didn’t let people march."


04. Morena Pérez Joachin - 4MPJ_L129027

PHOTO #21:
Photo by Morena Pérez Joachin, a freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist from Guatemala. I work with issues related to indigenous movements, defense of territory, environment, migrations and feminisms.

"Self portrait. The steps of our Ancestras. An investigative work about my identity as a women mestiza and maya grandmother. "


05. Anja Matthes - 2020-11-09-Bianca-597

PHOTO #25:
Photo by Anja Matthes, a documentary photographer, videographer, and visual storyteller based in New York City. Over the past nine years, Matthes has focused her personal work on LGBTQ youth of color.

"The underground NYC Kiki Ballroom scene, is a community self-organized by LGBTQ youth of color, which provides an alternative to high-risk behaviors, as well as a support system that is a form of survival and resistance for a marginalized group that is frequently a target of violence, homelessness, racism, and transphobia. Kiki “houses” function as surrogate families for youth living separated from their parents, collectively empowering and educating its members. Bianca, a transwoman says, -Here I found family that accepts me.-"


04. Liliana Merizalde 11 Injustice.JPG

PHOTO #28:
Photo by Liliana Merizalde, a Colombian documentary photographer and visual artist based in Bogota.

"The pandemic has caused social injustices to escalate. In Colombia, many families have used the red cloth as a symbol to tell the government that there is no money, no food and that they are starving."


03. clara vannucci_L1760116.JPG

PHOTO #11:
Photo by Clara Vannucci, an Italian documentary photographer mostly focused on the Criminal Justice System.

"San Giovanni di Dio Hospital, Florence, Italy. April 2021. Federico Piacentini and his intern Maria Teresa Verna taking a break on the terrace right outside the Covid 19 ward."


05. Tahila Mintz - Tahila_1_Ba_am Jamut-

PHOTO #14:
Photo by Tahila Mintz, an Indigenous Yaqui/Jewish woman based in Haudenosaunee Territory. She is an ancestral scribe working around the world in Photography, Film and Virtual Reality to amplify the voices of indigenous women and fight for the natural world.

"The connected, rooted in the liquid of life is sacred."


02. Samyukta_Lakshmi_01.JPG

PHOTO #18:
Photo by Samyukta Lakshmi, a documentary photographer and photojournalist based in Bangalore, India. Her work focuses on vulnerable communities, social inequality, the human spirit, resilience and climate change.

"The COVID-19 enforced lockdown in India was announced on March 25 with only 4 hours prior notice leaving the nation in a state of frenzy. Faced with their dwindling savings due to unemployment during the lockdown millions of migrant workers made the decision to return to their hometowns from cities around India, sparking the biggest human exodus in India since the partition."


02. Nyimas Laula - Nyimas_Laula_INSIDE00

PHOTO #22:
Photo by Nyimas Laula, an Indonesian photojournalist based in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia. Her works focus on environmental and human rights issues across the country.  She began her journey in 2015 and has since worked with Reuters, The New York Times, National Geographic, and VICE.

"Since I have been self-isolating myself, my day to day life has been spent on staring into computer screen, trying to keep my mind occupied, though my mind so often wanders. Here my thoughts wander to my Mom, who's a retired public health consultant, still occasionally went on and off to the frontline to help. We live separately on different island, but her presence is near as her blanket wrap around my body, keeping me warm every night."


05. Gaia Squarci - gaiasquarci_HAZE_001.

PHOTO #26:
Photo by Gaia Squarci, an Italian photographer based in New York City and Milan.

"Ebony Kinch, who brings food to patients at Woodhull Hospital, tells me about the day she had to feed patients in the ER. “I’ve never seen anything like that. I had to call out sick the next day. It was like a movie that I watched. I walk into the emergency room and everybody is laying down, looking half-dead. It was flooded, people in the gurneys, people in chairs. Everybody is at home watching the news. They don't see what I see. This has been one of the toughest times besides me growing up.” Brooklyn, New York City."