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Live Event

December 8 & 9

David Crombie Park


On December 8th and 9th 2023, audiences embarked on a whimsical journey with Mudlark, a theatrical shadow puppetry performance of a young girl who seeks a place to call home among the enchanting stories of the Esplanade neighbourhood. Spectators experienced her navigation through time, witnessing the land's resilience and ever-evolving history. They discovered the warmth of a home, dreamt of the future alongside her, and added their unique touch to this immersive and interactive show.

“Mudlark” is a show that merges music, dance, and shadow puppetry, conceptualized byprofessional artists with the creative contributions of Esplanadians of all ages who attended multiple workshops to create music, contribute to the storyline, and craft shadow puppets.

Thank you to all 400 who attended our performances of Mudlark!

A series of performances presented in partnership with Canadian Stage!


Artistic Direction: Isorine Marc
Musical Direction: Aline Morales, Lauren Barnett
Shadow Puppetry: Brescia Nember Reid
Creative Consultant: Sarah N. Ahmad
Scene 1 written by Mahlikah Outten
Scenes 2 to 6 written by Sharon Zarita Adhiambo
Performers: Aline Morales, Lauren Barnett, Brescia Nember Reid, Troy Feldman, Karen Lam, Nickeshia Garrick, Mahlikah The Moonrise Poet, Hafsa Ismail
With performances by community members: Nesrin, Keiron, Kolpana, Norita,
Production: Maria Paula Triviño, Iris Unlu, Yusra Yacout, Afnan Yakot
With creative contribution of community members and Downtown Alternative School students.


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