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Painting and Arts-Based Workshops


Every Wednesday from 11:30am to 1pm, until June 7th


On-going (until June 7th with Janice Garel)


Current Artist Lead: Janice Garel
Past Artist Lead: Paulina Perez


The Jamii Hub, 264 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, Canada

About the program

Artist Janice Garel is leading a painting on silk class, inviting Older Adults to discover this beautiful art form, hone new skills, and create their own silk scarf to wear.

No experiences needed.


This is a friendly and welcoming environment where we not only create together but also get to know one another and socialize. We hope this workshop series will contribute to enhancing connections amongst neighbours, and fulfilling creativity.

Jamii is also organizing movement-based workshops on Wednesday from 10amd to 11:30am.

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