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Arts-Based Workshops


Every Wednesday from 11:30am to 1pm, until August 30th


On-going (Jewelry Making until August 30th)


Current Artist Lead: Erin Ademoglu
Past Artist Lead: Paulina Perez, Janice Garel


The Jamii Hub, 264 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON, Canada

About the program

Artist Erin Ademoglu is leading us through the world of jewelry making from July 26th to August 30th. Through out these 6 weeks, you will be engaging in learning many new techniques of basic jewelry making, learning to connect accessories or other items together, how to use pliers, and opening/closing of jump rings in order to connect pieces. Erin also will hold a discussion on sustainability,  reusable, and up-cycled items.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Week 1: Up-cycled multi-purpose keychain from new and old items.

  • Week 2: Earrings (dangly studs). Materials: Plier, metal pins, learn to bend and shape pins, glue work.

  • Week 3: Bracelets: pliers, jump rings, wires, using ends to finish wire and chain work. Using new and old items to create. Discussing design, layering.

  • Week 4: Necklaces, chain, and wire work with new and up-cycled items.

  • Week 5 and 6: Combination everything learned, finishing up projects, and creating new designs and styles of choice. Ring and Cufflink bases will be provided for some glue play, for more unique and possible abstract pieces. You can use your own creative instincts, design skills and the techniques from the last 5 weeks of classes.

All levels are welcome! No experiences needed.


This is a friendly and welcoming environment where we not only create together but also get to know one another and socialize. We hope this workshop series will contribute to enhancing connections amongst neighbours, and fulfilling creativity. Jamii is also organizing movement-based workshops on Wednesday from 10amd to 11:30am.

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