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A new dance form each month!

April 2024

Kuku from Guinea

April 8, 15, 22 2024

Workshop Lead: Mabinty Sylla

Join us to learn the basic steps and movements of Kuku, a traditional West African dance from Guinea. Originally danced by women celebrating the fishing harvest, Kuku has evolved into a popular rhythm featured at various festivals, including full moon celebrations. This women's dance is performed in a circle, and under the guidance of dancer Mabinty Sylla, participants will delve into not only the steps and rhythms but also the cultural significance of this traditional art form. For those inclined, participants will have the opportunity to share a short choreography at our Thursday Mingling event on May 2nd.

Photos by Isorine Marc, Mariana Hernendez

Mabinty Sylla

Originally from West Africa Guinea, Mabinty Sylla has been dancing in Africa for sixteen years, beginning her dance training at the age of 12 in Conakry with Mamadouba Camara her dance instructor, who is the first soloist for the Ballet Djoliba and former soloist for the Ballet Africans-two of West Africa’s most respected traditional groups. Also she learnt and performed with a group Ballet Tayelly directed by Fode Gassama. She moved to Toronto Canada since 2008 and continued her dancing & networking in Toronto with associations​ such as A.F.C.Y.. named vibe arts and Lula Lounge french schools african dance program. She has presented her work in most of Canada’s provinces and cities e.g sunfest London Ontario and Halifax African festival. In Toronto she performs at numerous festivals such as Afro Fest from 2009 to the present and Muhtadi International Drumming. She also performs in most of the mega-city's African and Caribbean cultural programs such as Oshawa African Pavilion fiesta week, Carrisaga, Habari African Festival at Harbour Front and is a member of the extraordinary Okavango orchestra. Mabinty Sylla teaches and choreograph West African dancing in many areas e.g. schools and community programs, she also does private workshops for individuals and groups.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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