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Waleed Abdulhamid


by Waleed Abdulhamid
April 7 to 26, 2024

For the month of April, you are invited to embark on an artistic journey guided by lead artist Waleed Abdulhamid as he shares with us the rich tapestry of our “Motherland”. Rooted deeply in the Pan-African movement, Waleed's programming pays homage to the profound influence of African cultures on the global stage. As Waleed expresses, “The artistry of our Motherland resonates through the ages, leaving an indelible imprint on cultures worldwide. From the rhythmic beats of Calypso and Afrobeat to the improvisational melodies of Jazz and the lyrical prowess of Hip Hop, the vibrancy of African creativity echoes throughout history”. 


Join a beautiful panel of artists who are all bringing their connection to the Motherland through different art forms. This includes Sharon Zarita Adhiambo (Sunday Versifying), Eshe Mercer-James (Tuesday Learning – Book Club), Sabrine S. Hakam and Carolina Leite (Tuesday Learning – Culture Cloths), Maryem Tollar (Friday Singing), and Mabinty Sylla (Monday Dancing), to name but a few. 


Join us as we celebrate the enduring legacy of African heritage and honor its deep contributions to the fabric of humanity. Through Waleed's eyes, you are invited to witness the power and beauty of our collective cultural inheritance.

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Monday Dancing

Workshop Lead: Mabinty Sylla

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Wednesday Watching

Lead: Waleed Abdulhamid

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Saturday Mingling

Lead Artist: Waleed Abdulhamid

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Tuesday Learning

Book Club

Lead: Eshe Mercer-James

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Thursday Creating

Painting Night

Workshop Lead: Julian Periquet

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Sunday Sewing

Workshop Lead: Anita Boey

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Tuesday Learning

Niche Artistic Practices

Workshop Lead: Eleshia Thomas

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Thursday Creating

Crafting Nights

Workshop Lead: Muna Elbadri

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Sunday Versifying

Workshop Lead: Sharon Zarita Adhiambo

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Tuesday Learning

Culture Cloths

Designer: Sabrine S. Hakam

Jamii - Celebrating Cultures by LD 1.jpeg

Friday Singing

Workshop Lead: Maryem Hassan Tollar


Waleed Abdulhamid is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, music and film producer. He is known for his striking vocals, unique bass technique, and speed on percussion. He plays 20 different instruments including the guitar; bass; drums; flute; harmonica; kirin; bass kirin; darabhuka; marimba; balimbo; congas; bongos; djembe; dumbek; aghera; tambour; cajun; denger; ekaa and tama. Waleed is Jamii Family and has been part of projects such as  “Choir in the Park” in 2019, “Duets” in 2021, “ApHeart” in 2022, “What We Remember” in 2022, and “Diversity of the African Culture Through Music” in 2023. We, at Jamii, are delighted to collaborate with Waleed once again with this month's programming at The Jamii Hub.

He has been an active member of the Toronto music scene since his arrival, in 1991 from Sudan, where he began to perform as early as six years old. He is the recipient of the Canadian New Pioneer Award; African Tama Award; Reel World Film Festival Award and Canadian Film Board of Excellence Award. In addition, he has not only received other international awards, but was also twice honoured with a DORA Award. In turn, he is frequently invited to serve on juries in Music and Theatre, and has acquired a distinctive profile in the media.

Waleed is not only a band leader, a conductor and insightful arranger of popular compositions, but also a Director of Choral and Orchestral Music. He frequently conducts workshops designed for both new or advanced learners, and works collaboratively with choreographers to produce innovative creations.

Waleed Abdulhamid has recorded, performed and toured with celebrated artists including David Clayton Thomas of the Grammy Award winning band Blood, Sweat & Tears and Motown legends, The Drifters. He has also toured both nationally and internationally. However, he is most proud of his role as a mentor to acclaimed younger artists such as D’bi Young, Ngozi Paul, and Zaki Ibrahim.

Waleed has been the subject of study for researchers and PhD candidates seeking to understand the workings of the virtuoso mind, and is currently a faculty member in the music department of the University of Toronto. Formerly, he worked for twenty years as a professor in the Music Degree Program at Humber College.

When not teaching, performing and producing, Waleed can be found in front of the camera, acting in short and feature films, most recently for CBC, CANN Film Festival France, and TIFF.

Photo Credit: Unknown

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