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June to September 2021 - Ages: 13-15 yrs old

With the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council and TD Ready Commitment.

2 by Afnan Yakot_edited.jpg

Under the artistic leadership of Arlene Paculan, participants were invited to learn loving ways to create the greatest masterpiece - THEMSELVES!
Through activities, discussions, and experiences, young women from the Esplanade neighbourhood got together each Tuesday through the Summer to explore ways to be their own greatest fan and showcase their best self, through different mediums of art forms.

Lead Artist:

Arlene Paculan

Arlene Paculan is a singer, songwriter, musician, TV Host, and executive producer of her company Let’s Make Good Productions, Arlene was awarded the 2020 Urban Hero people's choice award in the arts category. She is a mentor and motivational speaker.

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