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Fashion Show

January to April 2023 - Ages 13-15

A project funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation @ontrillium and TD Ready Commitment @td_canada

2 by Afnan Yakot_edited.jpg

One of the things we love doing and that holds a place of importance in our work, is to continue finding new ways to connect and engage with the girls and young women in the Esplanade community and instill in them leadership skills and experiences through arts projects.

After a few creative months led by fashion designer Sveltana Bassauer @lana_marc_crafts and with the precious nurturing of Nadifa Mohamed @nadifa_mohamed , on Saturday April 29th, the LAINI teens presented their first fashion show: "Throwback to the 90's"

The teens went through the full fashion experience. They began with creating vision boards and designs, transformed thrifted clothes into 90 styles, had a photo shoot and organize the show itself. During the show, parents, friends and community members saw the exhibit, enjoyed 90's songs sung by LAINI teen Janessa, and had snacks including Dunkaroos!

The teens learnt about project management, public presentation, collective creative work and collaboration, and had an opportunity to explore their own voice, tastes and ideas.

Lead Artist:

Sveltana Bassauer

Svetlana is a professional fashion design modeler and marketing director turned textile crafts course creator. She specializes in educational classes for children and youth, creating experiences aimed to inspire and enrich kids' learning journeys. She truly believes that it is the art and the experiences around it that become fundamental to how we perceive the world and interact with it. Every new discovery, from seeing art to learning it's history, sewing a Christmas tree ornament or creating your very own toy from scratch, opens a new perspective of the world and the beauty it holds in every corner. It is the kind of beauty that we carry within ourselves and put into everything that we do, making the world a more connected, bright, and beautiful place.

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