Itinerant performances
Kisanii Hub

As you may guess, COVID-19 has shaken Jamii to its core values by greatly limiting social connection. But it is of greater importance that we stay home and practice physical distancing to protect lives.

At Jamii, we believe it is our social responsibility to care for our community during such extraordinary times.


With the intent of encouraging people to stay home, practice physical distancing and contribute to better mental health for our community members, Jamii is offering a series of free live performances to your doorstep.

Jamii’s mobile theatre, the Kisanii Hub, travels the residential streets of The Esplanade neighbourhood in the early evening, while delivering a musical performances.

March 30th: Domanique Grant

April 1: Leen Hamo & Iman Abdul Razzak - co-presented with Canadian Stage

April 3: Jeremiah Sparks - co-presented with Soulpepper Theatre Company

April 6: Sara Luey

April 21: Johnny Toronto

April 23: Alessandro Montelli - co-presented with Canadian Stage

May 3rd: Jeremiah Sparks - co-presented with Canadian Stage, in partnership with Building Roots

May 13th: Lua Shayenne & Cece Haba - co-presented with Canadian Stage, sponsored by RBC

May 20th: Arlene Paculan - co-presented with Canadian Stage, sponsored by RBC

June 4th: Cleon Wong, Ayelen Liberona, Malavika Santhosh, Ekaterina - co-presented with Canadian Stage, sponsored by RBC

No outside gatherings take place during these performances, as neighbours are encouraged to watch from their home windows, balconies, doorsteps or front yard. The Kisanii Hub rides by at a slow pace for all to enjoy the magic of music, while celebrating the importance of staying home during these extraordinary times, practicing physical distancing and slowing down the spread of COVID-19.


However, people are encouraged to make some noise as we pass by.


We hope to uplift the spirits and contribute to better mental health for us all as we face the challenges of social isolation. A live itinerant performance like this can trigger a wide range of heartening emotions, encouraging a sense of community while generally letting people know that we are here for each other. 


Again, no social gathering will take place during the performance, as people are encouraged to watch from their homes. We have put in place a safety protocol for our reduced team of 4 who will practice physical distancing before, during and after the performance. If people come close to us, we will bike away.


We can not cover every single streets of our community, but we will try our best to cover as many as possible. Keep an ear out for musical magic happening in your street!

The Kisanii Hub was produced in 2019 by Jamii.

Jamii is grateful for the support of the diverse organization who contributed to bring this project to life:

Canadian Heritage - financial support

Canada Council for the Arts - financial support

Laneway Project - financial support

Charlie Freewheels- cargo bike donation

St Lawrence Market BIA - financial support

St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association - financial support


A special thank you to all those who contributed to make this project possible, including:

Isorine Marc - Original Idea (first as a Roulotte (2014), then Caboose (2015) then Kisanii Hub (2018))

Jacque Fortier - Original Concept Caboose

CORPUS Dance Projects - Co-production for the Original Concept as a Caboose

Arnaud Vidal - Contribution to original design for the Kisanii Hub

Raji Aujla - Consulting for the Kisanii Hub

Gurpreet Ghana - Consulting for the Kisanii Hub

Arthur Klimowicz - Consulting for the Kisanii Hub

Fred Dilkes - Consulting for the Kisanii Hub

Vindent's Custom Ebikes & Batteries - Building of the bike trailer & install of e-power for the Kisanii Hub

Andrew Patterson - Artwork for both cargo and trailer for the Kisanii Hub

Jamii is grateful for the financial support of the  St Lawrence Neighbourhood Association who supports visibility for artists local to the St Lawrence Neighbourhood.

Jamii is honored to be co-presenting some of seven performances with Canadian Stage, our local theatre.

Jamii is proud to have RBC as a sponsor for three of these performances.

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