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Sharon Liboi


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Liboi is a Nairobi-based Singer/ Songwriter who uses her creative ability to express the human experience, question humanity and improve the well-being of the deprived in society. Liboi is also a filmmaker, community journalist and project coordinator.

Liboi is a strong proponent for social change, culture, and mental awareness. She does African Contemporary music which is a blend of traditional music with elements of popular African genres. Through her music, Liboi has been able to embrace diverse themes from hope, mental health, life, love, patriotism, tribalism, peace, immigration and social ills.

She has performed at many events including Unplug Fest: A wellness and revitalization festival, Usawa Festival, and Fete De La Musique at Alliance Francaise Nairobi among others. She has also been in Artist Residencies like Look Me In The I: Co-creation, installation and performance show in Nairobi, Kenya and Into The Mirror: Co-creation, installation and performance show in Rome, Italy. Liboi has also made musical tours in Tanzania, Norway and Spain. She has been featured in ‘From The Margins Album’- an album by Dorphan, a Kenyan poet and ‘Art Continues Album’- an album by Pawa254.

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