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Lauren Barnett


Aline Morales Photo by Nicola Betts.jpeg

Lauren Barnett is a multifaceted artist - singer, songwriter, saxophonist, composer and educator - whose music resonates with the rich tapestry of her Jamaican- Canadian heritage and the vibrant pulse of Toronto’s diverse soundscape. ​ In her decade-long musical journey, Lauren has collaborated with diverse artists and community arts organizations across Toronto. She has had the opportunity to work with Fabcollab on their MAUSIQI community jam, Kuné Global Orchestra, Jamii Esplanade Arts, Tara Moneka’s Dijlah, The Human Rights and Al Qahwa. ​ Lauren’s creativity extends to various projects showcasing her songwriting, compositional skills and community outreach. These include; lyrical composition for Scarborough Philharmonic and Ventenas (2023), Pandaland Short Film score (2021), Catchfiyah’s Price to Pay album (2021), and the host and creator of Lauren Barnett’s Drawing Free For All (community music and drawing nights at The Tranzac 2017 – 2020).

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