International Arts Experience with dance/theatre company CORPUS

With CORPUS, an internationally renowned dance/theatre company (, three Esplanadian youth have been invited to take part in a life-changing experience. 


With the support of individual donations from The Esplanade community, Maysam, Pauline and Kai were offered the amazing opportunity to travel to the other side of the planet with professional artists, attending international arts events (festivals, showcases, community performances, workshops...).


The three youth joined the company on tour alongside Isorine Marc. These life-changing experiences were unique cultural and artistic opportunities to explore, learn and grow.


Upon their return to The Esplanade, Maysam, Pauline and Kai shared their experiences with their families, classmates and the local community-at-large.

A lot of gratitude to all the donors who brought these experiences to life.

Maysam - 2011 - Cambodia
Pauline - 2015 - China
Kai - 2017 - South Africa