Outdoor Photo Exhibit

An exhibit featuring four photographs from Pikangikum First Nation, curated by 11 young women from the esplanade community.

October & November 2021

Toronto Public Library - St Lawrence Branch (171 Front St E.)

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Produced and presented by Jamii @jamiiesplanade

In partnership with Ontario Culture Days and the Toronto Public Library St Lawrence Branch

Young curators:

Aela Kuria

Anhar Salem

Asmaa Salem

Faith Ssempiira

Francesca Ssempiira

Huda Mourad

Lydia Embaye

RuthMarie Williams

Sophia Leopold-Muresan

Tenzin Paldon

Zhenmei Wong-Ward

Curation process facilitated by Elle Alconcel, assisted by Isorine Marc

Project Management: Isorine Marc & Jasmin Linton

Project Coordination (Pikangikum First Nation): Vanessa Hazel

Project Assistant: Afnan Yakot

Graphic Designer: Iris Unlu

Supported by RBC, Rama Gaming House, Government of Ontario.

Maddy King 10.jpg

Photo by Maddy King

Maddy King. 

Morningstar Quill 9.JPG

Photo by Morningstar Quill

My name is Morningstar Quill, I am 25 years old, I live in Pikangikum First Nation. I am a self taught (amateur) photographer who is more into landscape/nature shots but currently learning about close up shots and portrait shots. Photography has been one of my many hobbies for years but I started getting into it more in 2020.”

Mandi Chan Peters.JPG

Photo by Mandi Chan Peterst

“My name is Amanda or simply Mandi. I grew up in Pikangikum FN and always loved the landscapes, sunsets, aurora and nature. How lucky I’ve been to see and live in untouched areas in Canada. My love for photography began when I was young, I loved National Geographic photos. I did not purchase my first canon camera until 2018 and taught myself how to shoot photos in manual mode. I want people to see my photos and visualize that moment as if they are right there too.”

Clayton Turtle 7.JPG

Photo by Clayton Turtle

Clayton urtle.

Curation process:

Featured photographers: