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I am me (Girl, I got you)


In 2018, a group of talented young women created a photography exhibition that was featured as an Open Exhibition in CONTACT, Photography Festival, and was displayed in May 2019 in Crombie Park. The exhibit, titled “I am me (Girl, I got you)”, invited viewers to push beyond the confines of society’s image of women. 

Emerging photographers: Alina Khurram, Amni Hantash. Gennavive Marshall, Helena Maragos, Inara Ibrahim, Mysha Khurram, Nadia Ibrahim, Nadifa Daud Mohamed, Pauline Williams, Zoë Campbell

Lead artist: Brianna Roye

Curator: Isorine Marc

Exhibit unveiling:

Saturday, May 4th

Crombie Park (The Esplanade & Jarvis)


Photos: Isorine Marc

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