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Welcome to Jamii's whimsical world.
Simply doing wonders in The Esplanade community and beyond.


"WIsdoM ripples"

Photo Exhibit
The Esplanade & Sherbourne
Winter 2021

On December 12th, 2021, Jamii unveiled its latest photo exhibit for all Esplanadians and visitors to enjoy!​

"WIsdoM ripples" features the work of three Toronto-based photographers: Roya DelSol, Brianna Roye and Zahra Siddiqui.


Over the course of eight workshops, nine Laini participants worked to select photos based on a curatorial vision they developed with guidance from Jamii founder Isorine Marc and artist Gillian Mapp. Through the exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions, participants explored the “why” and "how" to present this exhibit to The Esplanade community.

Do you have a girl or young woman in your life who would benefit from arts based programs?  CLICK HERE to sign up!

Want to learn more?  Email

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FREE programs for girls & young women of The Esplanade community

Jamii is offering many free programs, for all of  the girls and young women of The Esplanade neighbourhood.



These programs intend to ignite leadership through artistic group experiences led by professional artists. 

Since summer, Jamii had invited artists Paulina O'Kieffe-Anthony, Arlene Paculan, Raha Javanfar, Ayelen Liberona and Elle Alconcel to lead these beautiful workshops. 

More than 50 girls & young women have been involved since June! 

This program supported by the Ontario Arts Council, TD Bank, and RBC Foundation.

IMG_7972 (1).jpeg


"Illuminated Perspectives"  

Photo Exhibit
Toronto Public Library
St Lawrence Branch
Nov & Dec 2021

An exhibit featuring 4 photographers from Pikangikum First Nation, curated by 11 young women from The Esplanade community.


“Illuminated Perspectives” portrays Pikangikum First Nation and its spectacular beauty. The photos capture the essence of northern wildlife and the people who live there. It tells a story and opens our eyes to a place in our country that many of us didn’t know existed. ​These photos are much more powerful than just a series of images. They are a statement of culture, heritage, pride, and community."

Featured photographers: Clayton Turtle, Maddy King, Mandi Chan-Peters, Morningstar Quill

Curation process facilitated by Elle Alconcel, assisted by Isorine Marc.

In partnership with Ontario Culture Days and Toronto Public Library - St Lawrence Branch

With the support of RBC Foundation, Ontario Government, Rama Gamin House.



Participate in our next creative project! 

Be a part of the adventure!

Since its inception in 2011, Jamii has produced projects in which people of all ages from our community can be a part of. It is always a creative journey that challenges our own comfort zone and an invitation to try something new. 

Embark with us in this adventure and create lifelong memories with us and others in your community. 

Contact us at to join the adventure!

PICTURED ABOVE: Jamii filmed "The Wedding" series and 20 people from our community took part in it! 

Jasmin & Isorine 2.jpg


Jasmin Linton

2021 Program Manager

Jasmin has been a gift to Jamii and greatly contributed to our capacity to successfully produce so many projects through the year. Not only she is a wonderful team member, but she has supported Jamii’s foundational work and has efficiently setting up Jamii for continued success in 2022. We wish Jasmin all the very best with her future endeavor: we were honored to work side-by-side with such a wonderful being through the year.

In Jasmin’s words: “What a beautiful, creative and busy year!  I had no clue when I started my one-year contract at Jamii that we would be so busy...during a pandemic!  

I am extremely grateful to the board and Isorine for selecting me for this role and I will forever cherish the time I spent working alongside Isorine and meeting all the artists, volunteers, youth we hired and neighbours.

I would like to add - there is A LOT of work being done behind the scenes to bring arts to The Esplanade - I'd like to thank every one that gave our small team support in the form of a donation or their time - it really helped me do "the work" a community arts worker loves to do. Thank you all and I'll see you around the 'hood!”

Photo featuring Isorine Marc (left) and Jasmin Linton (right), by Ali Javeed.



Join the Jamii family

We offer volunteer hours for high school students, and many more opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Are you a high school student seeking volunteer hours? Help us as a volunteer by working on our next event/project and gain your volunteer hours, be apart of a friendly and dynamic team, make a difference in your community, and also acquire transferable professional experience!

Are you looking for an opportunity to be involved in your community and make a difference? Jamii always welcomes volunteers from the neighbourhood to be part of our team and help bring magic into The Esplanade. We would love to count you in and make magic together!

CONTACT US to be involved:


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Jamii is an Arts Organization with an intention of both

community building & nurturing women in leadership.

Recipient of the 2020 Community Arts Award by the Toronto Arts Foundation.
Since 2011, Jamii (Swahili for "community") has enlivened The Esplanade – one of downtown Toronto’s most unique & diverse communities. Through the production of over 130+ memorable arts-based experiences that recognize and celebrate all people and genders while nurturing female leadership, Jamii strengthens community and lifts spirits.

Jamii is a charitable organization (80387 3207 RR0001).

Donate to support our work.

We acknowledge the land we are meeting on is the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. We also acknowledge that Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit.


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Exploring the emotional roller-coaster of the wedded life.

The Wedding - a 3-part series of short videos

"The Wedding" is a three-part short-film project that invited professional artists and members of The Esplanade community to explore what a mixed-culture wedding looks like, what are the emotional triggers of wedding ceremony and what the emotional roller coaster of a wedded life looks like.

Supported by Canadian Heritage and Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada, Government of Ontario, Canadian Stage, SHowLoveTo, City of Toronto and Rama Gaming House.

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2021, 2020 & 2019



One of Jamii's busiest year!

Our 2021 theme was “Looks Like Us” and was an invitation to explore one of the foundational values of the Esplanade neighbourhood: the concept of “mix”. We wanted to ask if, white we celebrate each other’s cultural heritage, we also celebrate intercultural mixing, and if so, how? Through a wide range of artistic experiences, we explored if we could bring our cultures together while retaining our cultural traditions, sense of identity and uniqueness. We hoped to continue engaging artists and audiences with questions around representation and belonging, and to ignite conversations. Did we succeed? Only you can say.

2020 - Year in review.jpg


Check full document HERE

At Jamii, we define our success by the legacy of qualitative memories we ignite for all “Esplanadians” - people of all ages who have taken part in the Jamii’s journey. By creating shared memories, we are creating stronger connections and bonds between people. In doing so, we create a sense of belonging, ownership and identity for the people engaged in the work we do in the community. This circles back to our mandate of enhancing social cohesion through the arts.

In 2020, we worked with 91 artists;
We organized 101 workshops;
We hosted 166 workshop participants;
We counted 2300 audience members;
We produced 34 public events,
And all of this, during a pandemic.

2019 Jamii season review.jpg


Reflecting on 2019 is inspiring: it has been a beautiful year for Jamii; one of growth, enriching partnerships, exciting projects in our community, and throughout the Province. A year during which one of our dreams came true: the creation of a mobile theatre for our community, the Kisanii Hub. Last but not least, in 2019, Jamii refined its goal of both building community through multiple artistic initiatives, and nurturing young women in leadership.

In 2019, we worked with 88 Artists;

We organized 48 Workshops;

We engaged 400+ Participants;

We counted 1500+ Audience members;

We produced 22 events.


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The Wedding

A three-part series of short videos exploring wedding ceremonies through different lenses.
June - October 2021

"The Wedding" is a three-part project inviting professional artists and members of The Esplanade community to explore what a mixed-culture wedding looks like, what are the emotional triggers of wedding ceremonies and the emotional roller coaster of a wedded life.

Filmed in June, July and October, as a 20-min one shot through David Crombie Park, The Esplanade. 

Supported by Canadian Heritage and Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada.


Wayo Festival

300 people attended our mesmerizing parkour through the Berkeley Castle & Berkeley Theatre, to discover a series of delightful performances!

"Wayo" is a Swahili word that means ‘footprint’, symbolizing the journey to life.


On August 19th, 20th and 21st, Jamii welcomed families one-at-a-time for a physically-distanced experience where families were invited to follow a “parkour” through the famous Berkeley Castle and the Berkeley Theatre, discovering 7 live artistic installations and small-scale performances. 

This event was in partnership with Canadian Stage and the Berkeley Castle.

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts  and the Government of Ontario.

ESP Mural by LD (1) LR.jpg

Legacy Project

Toronto's Iconic 
Basketball Court Mural

In 2014, Jamii spearheaded a mural painting on David Crombie Park basketball court wall after the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment paid to resurface the court, which had been destroyed during a police chase in 2013.The mural, produced by Jamii, was created by 16 local youths under artistic guidance of Shalak Attack, Julian Periquet and Bruno Smoky. Curated by Isorine Marc.Vibrant ideas — and vibrant paint — can go a long way toward strengthening andhealing a community.If you would like to learn more email

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