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Punch Needle Photo by Afnan Yakot_5.jpg
7 pm
Crafting Nights

Punch Needle

February 2024

February 8, 22, 2024

Workshop Lead: Alejandra Higuera

Join artist Alejandra Higuera for an engaging Punch Needle Workshop. Explore the delightful world of expressing yourself through thread and needle in a fun and creative way. During this workshop, participants will craft decorative pieces for their homes, enjoying a learning environment tailored to their pace. By the end of the session, everyone will leave with their own unique piece—a tangible creation from an inspiring day of artistic exploration.

Photos by Afnan Yakot

Alejandra Higuera

Alejandra Higuera (she/her) is a queer multidisciplinary, visual storyteller focusing on creating poetic visuals through different mediums: video, illustration, animation, embroidery, and projection. Her work focuses on themes of migration, feminism, memory, grief, ritual and being a solo parent by centering the intricate stories of immigrant, queer, and BIPOC resilience, exploring how healing leads us to re-imaging ourselves. As a Latinx artist, Alejandra supports our ever-changing identities, resisting homogenization through a decolonizing lens. Alejandra spends a lot of her time being curious: making up songs and languages, learning about plants, drawing, and being creative with her seven-year-old kiddo.

Photo by Ana Higuera

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