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What we do:

Our intent is to transform our public space with whimsical artistic experiences that will create shared memories for our community members, and reinforce the social fabric of our neighbourhood.

In short, since 2011, we connect Esplanadians with one another through artistic experiences.

We initiate and produce live events, photo exhibits, murals, short films, 
community-engaged projects, and an annual children festival.

 To date, we have organized over 200 events, worked with hundreds of artists, organized more than 400 workshops, engaged over 1000 participants in projects, counted over 20,000 audience members and more than 30,000 exhibit viewers.


Our mission

Our intent is to transform our public space with whimsical artistic experiences that will create shared memories for our community members.

By creating memorable arts-based experiences, Jamii is on a mission to bring Esplanadians closer together to form greater social cohesion and bonded community. In other words, our mission is to reinforce the social fabric of our neighbourhood.



Photo Exhibits and Murals

Every year, Jamii brings new photo exhibits to our community and produces mural projects.


Through our series of Photo Exhibits and Murals, our intent is to transform our public space to surprise passers-by, to engage in conversation through arts and to share different perspectives.




We engage community members of all ages in all kinds of creative projects such as Queens of The Esplanade, Feetprint, Patchwork Village and Forty-One.


We usually start a project with one simple idea, and invite everyone to contribute and shape it. Those experiences are nothing less than transformative and memorable for all participating.


Beyond The Esplanade

Even though Jamii is based in The Esplanade community, the organization is connected to the world: Throughout the past ten years, we have offered international experiences to youths - Cambodia (2011), China (2015) and South Africa (2017). Since 2018, our projects connect communities throughout the Province of Ontario, Canada, especially with “Wind Stories” and Pikangikum First Nation. In 2022, Jamii is planning to develop connections with artists and socially minded individuals and organizations in Kenya, expanding its connections to the African community.


IMG_7972 (1).jpeg

Leadership Program

At Jamii, we center young women in our community to provide them, through Laini, with artistic and creative experiences that will nurture their leadership skills.

Laini is about giving every young woman the confidence and tools to see themselves walking the path of leadership.  


Film Projects

The Wedding Series. DUETS. At Heart. Unlocked. These are some of the most recent film projects we produced. 

We love inviting artists and community members to embark on the adventurous journey of producing short films to be shared with our community through social media, film festivals, and screenings in our community.

Photo Afnan Yakot.JPG

At Jamii, we offer a wide range of free workshops for people of all ages. In the past, we have hosted photography, dance, performance arts, visual arts, storytelling and more! 

This winter season (2022) we are offering youth ages 11-16 a free workshop series visioning and curating a photo exhibit that highlights the stories and experiences of seniors in our community. 

Click here for more information and to REGISTER!


Live Events

Concerts, theatre performances, dance shows, you name it, we do it.

With our series of Live Events, our intent is to activate our public space and create opportunities for our community not only to discover and enjoy amazing artistic performances, but also to connect and spend quality time together in our local park.


Jamii Children's Festival

In August 2021, Jamii produced its second annual children festival, and we were delighted to do it in partnership with the Berkeley Castle and Canadian Stage - treating audiences to an mesmerizing artistic parkour.

We are already planning our 2022 edition of the festival and can't wait to send out invitations to all the families in our community and beyond. 


We have been committed to The Esplanade community for 10 years now, offering free artistic experiences to everyone, with the hope to enhance social cohesion in our neighbourhood. Check here recent programming years. 

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