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At Heart (Docu film)


At Heart (Docu film)

Citizens of The Esplanade

Premiered Nov 2018 - Toronto, CA


Best Editing, short documentary film category - Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela) - 2019Best Cinematography, short documentary film category - Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela) - 2019Award of Merit - IndieFest Film Awards (USA)2019 OFFICIAL SELECTION:Alternative Film Festival (Canada)Docs Without Borders Film Festival (USA)Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela)IndieFEST Film Awards (USA)Diversity Feedback Film Festival (Canada)

Canadian Diversity Film Festival (Canada)


Project Genesis: 

In 2018, more than 150 Esplanadians of all ages (people who live, work, study and play in The Esplanade neighbourhood – downtown Toronto) embarked, with a team of artists, on a co-creative process to produce a participatory community-engaged docu-film.

​At Heart, Citizens of The Esplanade shines a light on our neighbourhood, the St Lawrence, and invites people to reflect on the values that drive community development and city planning. 

Artistic team:

Producer: Isorine Marc

Film director: Ayelen Liberona & Joseph Camí

​Assistant Project Coordinator: Yasmin Harris, Afsheen Chowdury, Nadifa Daud Mohamed

Creative Process

​MARCH 2018: A total of 39 people joined a series of circle discussions to share personal stories or stories from our community which we feel are untold, silenced or represent a challenge.

MAY 2018: A series of exciting workshops during which 32 people brainstormed, shared ideas and took artistic directions for the film with a creation of a series of shots.


More than 100 people stepped in front of the camera as talents of our project. Another 20 people worked long hours behind the camera to bring this project to life.


SEPT & OCT 2018


Nov 26, 2018 - Berkeley Theatre


Nov 28, 2018 - Performing Arts Lodge

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